Basic card - 799 + Gst 18%


Basic Card offers several benefits for B2B (business-to-business) transactions. Here are some potential advantages of using the Basic Card for your business:

The Basic Card simplifies the procurement process by providing a convenient payment method. Businesses can use the card to make purchases from approved vendors and suppliers, eliminating the need for time-consuming purchase orders, invoicing, and check payments.

With the Basic Card, businesses have access to a predefined credit limit, allowing them to make necessary purchases without disrupting their cash flow. This can be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that may have limited financial resources.

The Basic Card provides detailed transaction records, which can help businesses track and manage their expenses more effectively. These records can be easily integrated into accounting systems, simplifying the reconciliation process and providing accurate financial data for reporting and analysis.

The Basic Card typically comes with robust security features, such as chip and PIN technology or advanced encryption, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions. Additionally, the card can be assigned to specific employees or departments, enabling businesses to monitor and control spending more efficiently.

Some Basic Card programs offer rewards or cashback incentives, allowing businesses to earn benefits on their purchases. These rewards can range from airline miles or hotel points to discounts on future purchases, providing additional value to businesses using the card.

In addition to the card itself, SmartCard may offer additional business tools and services to Basic Card users. These could include expense management software, reporting and analytics tools, or dedicated customer support, further enhancing the overall value proposition for businesses.